Statement from Rep. Mazzochi on Oakbrook Terrace’s Red Light Camera Permit Revocation

State Representative Deanne Mazzochi (R-Elmhurst) has issued the following statement in response to the Illinois Department of Transportation’s announcement that the permit to operate red light cameras at Illinois Highway 83 in Oakbrook Terrace has been revoked: 

“I appreciate that this justifiably vilified camera finally is going through the removal process. But it is baffling that IDOT cannot acknowledge the real reason why this camera should have been scrutinized and removed long ago:  because it was specifically mentioned in a federal indictment involving red light camera public corruption for Democratic Senator Marty Sandoval. I also have repeatedly urged IDOT to conduct this review because this camera didn’t just fail to deliver improved public safety, it potentially was the cause of increased accidents. 

IDOT expects us to believe that it is just a coincidence that the bureaucracy has belatedly reviewed the paperwork for compliance. In reality, given the recent criminal charges filed by the federal authorities against the former Mayor of Oakbrook Terrace involving this very camera, this has become a political embarrassment for IDOT and Governor Pritzker, who has let this sit for years. Various Democratic legislators are also about to face the voters during primary season. People want to know why Democrats’ prior promises to end red light cameras have gone unfilled, and why they have not enacted my common-sense legislation to target those involved with public corruption.   

Further, by stubbornly refusing to concede the real reason behind this camera’s removal, IDOT is sidestepping two critical issues: first, how and why IDOT permitted this particular corrupt camera installation; and second, how and why red light cameras throughout the suburbs have been repeatedly tied to federal public corruption charges. Until IDOT can come clean, these cameras are going to continue to be tainted, and rightly viewed with suspicion until real reform legislation is put in place.”