Rep. Mazzochi Statement on the End of 2021 Session

State Representative Deanne Mazzochi (R-Elmhurst) released the following statement at the conclusion of the spring 2021 General Assembly:

“A new day was promised in January by the first new House Speaker in decades. We now know that was about as false as promises get. In my three years in office I have never seen such blatant lawmaking for political advantage. This session had everything the political insiders in Illinois salivate over- court packing, campaign finance expansion, last minute budgeting, gerrymandering, more money for the trial lawyers- all at the expense of Illinois taxpayers and the integrity of Illinois government. Most of what happened today will go unnoticed, that’s what happens when you file and vote on legislation over the course of 24 hours during a holiday. Make no mistake, however, these bills will have far reaching negative effects that will continue to push Illinoisans out of the state.”