Rep. Mazzochi Reacts to Governor’s Budget Address

State Representative Deanne Mazzochi (R-Elmhurst) issued the following statement in response to Governor Pritzker’s FY22 budget proposal:

“Last year the Democrats passed a smoke and mirrors budget based on tax increases the voters roundly rejected; and a federal bailout that never came. That approach was an insult to anyone who has had to sit around their own kitchen table trying to make ends meet. This year’s theme is that the Democrats want responsible spending and a balanced budget. Yet another disconnect with reality.

Last year’s budget was an unaffordable spending spree. And now the Governor and his majority want to double down. Again. We had a budget that wasn’t balanced last year and it won’t be balanced this year.  A nearly $5 billion dollar bill backlog proves it. We get bureaucratic babble that the Governor is just decoupling present year expenditures in Illinois from the federal standard. Explain to people what you really mean. If you’re a business, and you made a capital investment in Illinois, we’re raising your tax bill.

The Governor wants Republican ideas for spending cuts?  Here’s two. 1) No more legislator pay raises. 2) End no bid contracts like the one his campaign worker Forrest Ashby got. The guy praised in emails for keeping his mouth shut about ghost payrollers and a rape in Champaign. 

He wants more revenue?  How about instead of taxing small businesses more, we tax billionaires’ trust fund revenue stashed away in offshore accounts? And if the Governor wants a suggestion for something that will save both lives and money, how about today he issues an executive order that anyone who worked in the LaSalle and Quincy Veteran’s homes who can’t manage to change their dirty gloves going from one COVID patient to another patient is terminated effective immediately!  

Let’s be clear: We would love to be a partner with the Governor in getting Illinois out of this budget mess.  But even in their Greed, they won’t address the need. We’d like a pension fix so that 40% of our education dollars don’t go straight to pensions and away from classrooms.  We’d like an IDES that actually picks up the phone and get the unemployment checks out.  We’d like to see some consideration and relief for families trying to keep it together during COVID.  Help our nursing homes who are paying out a million a month for PPE.   Find a vaccine distribution program that is transparent and WORKS, and not one creating anxiety and confusion.  With cooperation, it’s doable. Without it?  Not so much.”