Statement from Rep. Mazzochi on the 101st Lame Duck Session

Springfield, IL… State Representative Deanne Mazzochi (R- Elmhurst) released the following statement upon the conclusion of the 101st General Assembly’s lame duck session:

“The events of the last few days highlight the brokenness of the legislative process in Springfield.

Comprehensive, lengthy, and sweeping bills were rammed through under both condensed process and truncated debate at the last minute of an outgoing General Assembly.

Rushing through the process doesn’t give the public and the various stakeholders enough time to vet legislation, voice their opinions, and engage in negotiations before it is voted on. The result of the last few days, and what many are going to pat themselves on the back for, is well-intentioned, but seriously problematic legislation.

All told, the consequences of these bills will ripple through every corner of the state for years to come; they contained thousands of pages that either amended or created hundreds of laws, yet the substance and specific text of these bills were given less than 48 hours for public input and legislative debate.

Meanwhile, we failed to address, to our great shame, some of the most needed relief for the people of Illinois. We didn’t address a plan to re-open schools, to wrest some semblance of power back from the Governor, to address the issues at IDES, etc and instead tried to shove through a billion dollar tax increase on already suffering small businesses, which thankfully not even some Democrats could stomach.

The 101st General Assembly ended in a manner which no one, regardless of party, should be proud of.”