Statement from Rep. Mazzochi on SIC Outcome

State Representative Deanne Mazzochi (R-Elmhurst) released the following statement after the House Special Investigating Committee’s unexpected final hearing:

“One can only assume that my colleagues on the committee vigorously workout, because the hoops that Chairman Welch and his fellow Democrats are jumping through to justify the information in the emails we received from ComEd and the admitted federal deferred prosecution agreement are impressive. Actually beyond impressive and bordering on “hard to believe”. 

If you’ve read these emails, the conduct of the Chairman defies belief. Today he once again spent valuable committee time prescribing all of the reasons why a subpoena to acquire witness testimony might not work. He’s apparently creating a justification for not doing anything.  So the leader of this House ethics investigation is saying that an investigation is too hard and therefore we shouldn’t do it. Allow that notion to search for logic in your brain; too hard equals, we can’t and shouldn’t. 

If, as my colleague Rep. Manley claims, there is nothing untoward about the Speaker’s conduct in his relationship with ComEd, then why won’t he assist the committee in clearing his name? In fact, why wouldn’t he insist on it. Why wouldn’t his allies on the committee who see no untoward behavior want his name fully cleared? An investigative committee is charged with doing all it can to get information relevant to its duty, not shying away from it. It takes neither a lawyer or a soothsayer to connect the dots as to why that isn’t the case with this committee. 

This is why people continue to lose faith in the integrity of Illinois government. I don’t blame them for their frustration and their disillusionment. I’m feeling the same way.”