Mazzochi Blasts Democrats Decision to Postpone Madigan Hearings

State Representative Deanne Mazzochi (R-Elmhurst) called Democrat Special Investigating Committee Chairman Chris Welch’s decision to postpone all hearings on House Speaker Mike Madigan until after the election next month as an “act of cowardice”.                   

“Chairman Welch’s decision is an utter insult to the people of Illinois who want and deserve the truth,” Rep. Mazzochi said. “The Democrats are postponing Madigan’s questioning under oath because they know we have difficult questions for him, and what those marching under the banner of his authority have done.”

Welch’s decision to postpone all committee hearings was a last-straw stall tactic.  Earlier in the week, ComEd indicated they were willing to share additional documents with the Committee relating to the Deferred Prosecution Agreement, including an e-mail communication forwarding a Madigan request for ComEd to consider Juan Ochoa for a ComEd Board seat.  The Deferred Prosecution Agreement identified this Board seat appointment as part of ComEd’s effort to reward and influence Madigan.  In response, Welch issued a broad set of document demands that Mazzochi described as trying to “call for the haystack after we’ve already found the needle.”  Rep. Mazzochi, an attorney, said this is a “classic delay technique well known and used by lawyers like Welch.” 

Rep. Mazzochi reiterated, “it is clear that Democrats on the investigating committee are serving the interests of the Speaker, not the House, their own members, or even the Governor.  Legislators from both sides of the aisle have called on the Speaker to give his answers; and they must be under oath. This committee was not formed to protect Mike Madigan or enable Illinois’ culture of corruption, it was formed to restore the people’s faith in Illinois’ ability to hold our leaders accountable. Shame on Chairman Welch.”