Statement from Rep. Mazzochi on Today’s Special Investigating Committee Hearing

State Representative Deanne Mazzochi (R-Elmhurst), who serves on the Special Investigative Committee of Michael J. Madigan, issued the following statement after the conclusion of today’s hearing:

“The people of Illinois took a big step closer to the truth today.” 

“At the hearing, ComEd admitted critical facts in the Deferred Prosecution Agreement that evidence breathtaking public corruption involving the Speaker and his associates.  The witness for ComEd confirmed ComEd’s money went to Mike Madigan’s top precinct captain, and that they could not document any work he did for ComEd.  They also confirmed that their money went to Frank Olivo, and they could not document the work that he did for ComEd.  Olivo is believed to be a former Alderman for Madigan’s 13th Ward.  They admitted that ComEd employees agreed to let Mike Madigan tell former Chicago Alderman Mike Zalewski Senior he was getting $5000 a month of ComEd funds. ComEd identified Victor Reyes, a Daley patronage chief, as the lawyer who was so “valuable” to Madigan that if ComEd’s CEO didn’t get involved to “resolve” getting him paid “Our Friend” Madigan “will call me [Mike McClain], and then I will call you.  Is this a drill we must go through?” 

“ComEd also acknowledged that there is documentation we don’t yet have directly evidencing that Mike Madigan had knowledge of the effort to get Juan Ochoa on the ComEd board, which the Deferred Prosecution Agreement describes in detail. 

“ComEd repeatedly admitted that all of this was done with the intent to influence and reward Speaker Madigan.”   

“As for my Democrat colleagues, I don’t know what’s worse, that they attempted to frame the facts outlined in the DPA as lobbying business as usual; that they seem to be carrying the Speaker’s water by suggesting Mike McClain, Madigan’s longtime acknowledged consigliere, did not act as an intermediary between ComEd and the Speaker; or that they went out of their way to deny the committee members a vote on issuing a subpoena to Mike Madigan to testify.” 

Mazzochi reiterated that “if the members of this Committee want sunshine and transparency, as I do, then the next step is to exercise the committee’s power to subpoena witnesses. That the Chairman refused a vote on this today only delays the process of getting to the facts. Are we an investigating committee or not?”