Mazzochi Votes No on FY21 Budget: Legislators Abdicating Responsibility

Springfield, IL… State Representative Deanne Mazzochi (R-Elmhurst) released the following statement in response to the passage of the FY21 budget:

“Illinois’ fiscal chickens have come home to roost. Springfield has squandered so many past tax increases and revenues that we had no rainy day fund. And we’ve now had a Governor-led shutdown that has crippled our already severely fiscally damaged state.

Illinois households have taken a hard look at their finances and made the hard choices and prioritized. Should they expect the same of their government? Yes. Did they get it? Not even close.

Anyone who has observed the convoluted budget process in years past has seen irresponsibility beyond measure. Yet, this year, of all years, a serious and somber process absolutely needed to take place.  Instead, we have a budget that is so utterly misguided. It is beyond any of the false, fake, foolish and phenomenally poorly drafted budgets we’ve ever witnessed. Not just here, but anywhere. With completely misplaced confidence that the federal government will bail Illinois out–a notion Washington DC has already vociferously rejected– this budget is deliberately several BILLION dollars in the hole with no hope of bringing it anywhere close to balance even using every accounting trick in the bag that the Democrats have used for years.  Relying on the same federal government our Governor has been denigrating daily to come to the rescue, isn’t a plan, it is at best a fallacy, and at worst a terrible, terrible lie.

On top of that, this mess of a so-called budget cedes broad spending ability over the billions of dollars to the governor, whose sole authority will determine how every dollar is spent. Beyond foolish and irresponsible, it’s DANGEROUS. The Governor has already threatened to retaliate against people who disagree with him; what do you think will happen with an unlimited power of the purse?

What isn’t in this budget is any effort to be fiscally responsible, tighten our belts, look for whatever savings you can find in a crisis period like we’re experiencing; the same measures nearly every family in Illinois have been forced to make because of the Governor’s orders. The Legislature has a vital role to play here. We have a responsibility to take some difficult votes in these difficult times. And this body is refusing to do it. That’s not legislating, that’s abdicating.  It is an insult to citizen government by the people, for the people.”