Mazzochi Condemns Democrats’ Refusal to Recommend Real Property Tax Reform

Elmhurst, IL…State Representative Deanne Mazzochi (R-Elmhurst) stood with House Republican Leader Jim Durkin and Property Tax Relief Task Force members to denounce the missed opportunity and failed effort of the Democrat-controlled Task Force to seriously consider and recommend meaningful short- and long-term property tax relief.  Rep. Mazzochi served as one of the task force’s co-chairs.

“People are tired of empty promises,” Mazzochi said.  “Democrats say they want reform.  Ignore what the Democrats say; watch what they do. Republicans placed dozens of impactful reform ideas before the Task Force to protect our schools, help our cities and villages, and lower costs. Democrats refused to consider and debate them all, and have repeatedly ignored them.  It is also telling that their biggest recommendation is to raise even more taxes–that doesn’t bring relief, it is just more of the same.”

Mazzochi highlighted several reform options from the Republican caucus, including:

–          Property Tax Caps for Senior Citizens. Seniors are being pushed out of their homes because they can’t afford always-rising property taxes. Both blue state California and red state Indiana have tax caps to prevent this, which Illinois should consider.

–          Reduce Unfunded Mandates. Unfunded state mandates hike school compliance and administrative costs and don’t improve educational outcomes for students.  Eliminate them and honor local school control.

–          Pension Reform. Without pension reform, income tax dollars will continue to feed legacy costs, not present-day classrooms and public services.

–          Eliminate Conflicts of Interest. The current system protects and rewards the politically-connected. Well-known conflicts of interest and insider deals plaguing Chicago’s property tax process should be ripped out and replaced with a clear, objective standard that is fair for everyone.

“We can get this done and help our residents if we think big,” said Mazzochi. “It is sad that for all their talk about reform these last several months, the Democrats’ ideas are in essence: pay more taxes here to pretend we’ve ‘saved’ money there. That’s just playing whack-a-mole; it doesn’t leave taxpayers better off.”

Rep. Mazzochi charged, “It’s clear the majority on this Task Force will produce no concrete, actionable steps the legislature can take to meaningfully lower property taxes. I look forward to filing real reform legislation as our next legislative session begins.”