Rep. Deanne Mazzochi Celebrates Summer Reading Club Students, Hosts Ice Cream Social

Westmont…State Representative Deanne Mazzochi (R-Elmhurst) knew that after a summer of reading, it was time for a treat!  All students participating in Rep. Mazzochi’s summer reading program were invited to Westmont’s Ty Warner Park for an Ice Cream Social to share with Deanne and each other the wonderful worlds they found through literature and reading.  Readers from the ages of 5-15, and from every community in the 47th District participated.  Those who read at least eight books over their summer break were invited to talk about their favorite books at the ice cream party. 

Rep. Mazzochi shared with students and parents that as a school teacher’s daughter, the importance of reading not just while in school, but after school and during the summer months, was paramount. “Reading opens up new thoughts, ideas and perspectives no matter where you are.  My mom didn’t just tell me to read, she taught me how to love reading,” said Rep. Mazzochi. She added, “my sister and I often earned an ice cream reward to celebrate scholastic achievements.  I am glad to pass that tradition along to our next generation of students so that they also can find joy in reading.” Reader favorites ranged from “Fancy Nancy” to survival stories to graphic novels, and all had found books to enjoy at their local libraries. 

Mazzochi also expressed her thanks and appreciation for the Westmont Park District, which hosted the event in conjunction with Rep. Mazzochi’s office.  Rep. Mazzochi also presented an official certificate of achievement from the Illinois House of Representatives to each of the top readers, and congratulated all students on their success.  To learn more about these and other upcoming events, please reach out to Rep. Mazzochi at (630) 852-8366.