Rep. Mazzochi, freshman GOP members: Graduated Income tax is a blank check for future tax increases

Springfield…..State Representative Deanne Mazzochi (R-Elmhurst) released the following statement after participating in a press conference with her fellow freshman Republican legislators advocating against the graduated income tax:

“Regular people on both sides of the aisle know our structural budget problems require a constitutional amendment to fix spending mandates. Democrats refuse to find common ground with Republican proposals to fix the problem. Instead, they demand a blank check for political insiders, and more tax increases for everyone else.  In my district, there is no trust that Springfield will spend wisely – and actually pay down debt.

“Some members on the other side of the aisle pithily peddle the premise Illinois voters get a ‘choice’ on the 2020 ballot. Springfield Democrats will not give voters an equal opportunity to choose structural reform: fair maps, term limits, pensions, or balanced budgets. They sued to prevent that choice in 2016, and use their supermajority power today to deny people the power to put Illinois on a path to fiscal sanity. They do not want real choice; they want their only choice, which is to grab more money from your wallet. I reject giving Springfield a license to grease the wheelers and dealers while ordinary citizens suffer.

“I reject laws that say taxpayers don’t count, but political insiders do. Our Governor shows exactly why his graduated tax policy will not hit the ultra-rich who act like him. He has billions in offshore assets and income. He has an army of tax lawyers to avoid income taxes. To hide income, at best he will use tax loopholes; at worst, we already know he is under federal investigation for a six-figure property tax fraud.

“Political insiders will be protected; the rest of us will be overtaxed. Making our income tax system a new pay to play field will be disastrous for Illinois. Not committing to rates, will provide further uncertainly for families and small businesses on a budget. Illinois doesn’t need another blank check written by the political elite, cashed by the well connected, funded by the middle class.”

The full press conference can be viewed on youtube: